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Deborah’s writing journey began on June 21, 2013. Read an excerpt from a post made that day:

Today is the day I became a published author! “You Groom Cats?” has been published in The Magazine of Santa Clarita! The Magazine has approximately 240,000 readers and covers the Santa Clarita Valley. You can view the article, along with my flyer on page 96. Also, on page 31, I am featured in the “Meet the Merchant” section! Kitty’s (Purrfect) Spa is quickly growing and reaching more homes every day! With this growth, our commitment to feline health, human satisfaction, and a completely cleaned grooming area continues!

Since that day, her writing has appeared in publications with distribution in English and non-English speaking countries around the world. She has had multiple articles printed in Groomer to Groomer, Purrfect Pointers, and Groom. Thank you for being a part of her journey to educate groomers and owners on cat care, grooming behavior, groomer safety, feline creative grooming and the business side of house call grooming.

Groomer to Groomer




In the November issue you will find “Kitty’s Korner”, Deborah’s first article as a Columnist for Barkleigh in their Groomer to Groomer publication.


Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine

Purrfect Pointers

United Silver and Gold Fanciers

  • Volume, 46, Number 1, Spring 2016, pages 7-8


The Magazine of Santa Clarita

(Links are copies of the printed articles) http://www.santaclaritamagazine.com/past-issues/