Please use the box!

Frustrated by Kitty not using the box? The carpet ruined? I understand how frustrating this can be. I have been there. This class will help you understand cat bathroom behavior, then will help you examine and test different solutions. Deborah has helped many cat parents solve the litter box issues! This class has not yet been released. For more information, please email

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Frustrated? I understand.

Want nice things, but know the cat will ruin them?

I get it!

In this class, I will cover common reasons why Kitty is not using the box. Then I will help you evaluate your litter box set up, and cover ways to make adjustments to encourage Kitty to start using the box again.

I know you have probably already tried everything, I have helped many families get their Kitty to use the box. I am confident I can help your Kitty as well!

Stop the frustration and find the solution!