Cat Care for Cat Parents, a class for groomers to give to their feline clients



Do you wish there was a reliable place where your clients could learn how to care for their cat between grooms?

Are you tired of telling your clients over and over how to brush their cat?

I wrote this class to fill that gap for my grooming clients. Now I am offering it to you to use share with your clients!

How does it work?

You will pay an annual fee. An account will be set up for your grooming business. All clients will log in using the same user id and password (they won’t be individually tracked). As long as you pay the annual fee, access to the class will be unlimited. You may not sell or charge your clients for this class. Your account will not be automatically renewed at the end of the year.

What exactly is in this class?

Nails: Why nails grow, what problems long nails cause, how to trim nails, what to do if you cut the nails too short, troubleshooting

Coat: Why cats need brushing, what tools to use to brush, how to brush your cat, what causes matting, troubleshooting

Crate Use: Why it is important to be able to quickly and safely get your cat into a crate and training strategies

This class is on presale! All presale logins will be emailed to you within 24 hours! This class will make a great holiday gift for your feline clients!


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Learn how to make grooming a bonding experience with your cat. Basic nail trimming, brushing and crate usage are taught.  This class is designed for all cat parents. Over an hour of video footage, with over 20 minutes of grooming video is included. This class averages nearly 2 hours.

Did you know untrimmed nails cause your cat pain?

Did you know by not brushing your cat you are causing your cat potential medical issues and are allowing more hair to be on your floor, furniture, and clothes?

Teaching your cat about a crate is actually a step that should be in your emergency preparedness plan? Are you ready for the next big one?

This class teaches cat parents how to make the process of grooming safe and enjoyable for everyone. Suggestions are given to make grooming a peaceful bonding time.

Learn how in this class with over an hour of video footage, over 20 minutes of grooming video! This class averages almost 2 hours.

You are purchasing a generic login for 365 days of access to this online self-paced class to share (give, you may not charge) with your grooming clients.

No advertising or tracking is in this class. It directs all grooming questions to “Your Groomer”.

If you would like to track specific clients, add your contact information, and direct clients specifically to you, please email for quotes and a time frame for a custom version of this product.



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