Cat Care Basics For Cat Owners

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Learn how to make grooming a bonding experience with your cat. Basic nail trimming, brushing and crate usage are taught.  This class is designed for all cat parents. Over an hour of video footage, with over 20 minutes of grooming video is included. This class averages nearly 2 hours.

This class is on presale. Release date is this fall.

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Did you know untrimmed nails cause your cat pain?

Did you know by not brushing your cat you are causing your cat potential medical issues and are allowing more hair to be on your floor, furniture, and clothes?

Teaching your cat about a crate is actually a step that should be in your emergency preparedness plan? Are you ready for the next big one?

This class teaches cat parents how to make the process of grooming safe and enjoyable for everyone. Suggestions are given to make grooming a peaceful bonding time.

Learn how in this class with over an hour of video footage, over 20 minutes of grooming video! This class averages almost 2 hours.

You are purchasing 365 days of access to this online self-paced class.


1 review for Cat Care Basics For Cat Owners

  1. Kathy Grabner

    The classes were informative and interesting. She went into great depth with “how to” videos, diagrams and written instructions. I learned a few things that I will implement and I believe will help me take better care of my cats. Deborah is professional and knowledgeable. She teaches with both the cat and cat parent in mind. I highly recommend this class for both new cat owners and long time cat parents, like myself.

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