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Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG teaches basic cat grooming skills

Lap Holds for Feline Grooming

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Ready to improve your feline grooming technique? This class will cover 18 basic lap holds to safely groom every part of the angriest cat! Learn why Lap Grooming is ideal for felines and how to keep your body and that of the feline safe in your lap. Over 25 minutes of video is included, plus lots of pictures to help you learn! The average student with cat grooming experience is taking about 45 minutes to complete this class. Certification of completion is available.


Struggling with the dreaded “sani” area? Want to learn more holds to enhance your feline grooming skills? Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG will walk you through the holds she uses every day! Deborah opened her feline exclusive house call business, Kitty’s Purrfect Spa in June 2013. Since that time, she has groomed over 3000 felines, all in her lap! While Deborah grooms on the floor, this class will cover each hold on the floor and on a chair! Do not shy away from lap grooming if you are not flexible or the kind of person who can’t sit on the floor. She will cover options and techniques that will allow for anyone to use these holds! 18 holds, over 25 minutes of video, averaging 45 minutes to complete.

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Reviews for This Class:

Rated 5 out of 5

Samantha Farrell (verified owner)09/13/2022

Some really useful tips in this course, looking forward to trying out these holds! Thanks Deborah!

Rated 5 out of 5

Alina Chu (verified owner)12/01/2019

Very helpful and lots of pictures of the hold I can use and refer to at a future date. Can’t wait to learn more from Deborah!

Rated 5 out of 5

Judith Kuerschner (verified owner)08/21/2019

This class was a helpful adjunct to the training I’ve been receiving from CFMG Master Trainer Sarah Warner (Australia) and the fact that so much of the information is able to be printed off for quick reference is a bonus.

Rated 5 out of 5

Karen Carr (verified owner)07/21/2019

Thank you Deborah for these valuable tips. I have been housecall grooming for just over 2 years, part time and YES the sani trim is the hardest for me to complete!
I am so looking forward to practicing these new techniques on my especially wriggly cats and cut down my grooming times.

Rated 5 out of 5

Debra Norton02/08/2019

Deborah’s class “Lap Holds for Feline Grooming” has given me new inspiration. I have been grooming cats only for five years now and usually on a table and sometimes in my lap. There are a number of holds I am looking forward to trying just to help with those difficult areas as well as those difficult cats to make the groom a little more manageable. The photos are extremely helpful and I like the safety aspects of these holds. Deborah leaves no details out.

Lap Grooming Aggressive Cats $150

Simply email the class name and an invoice will be sent withing 24 hours

When any of us hear that low-level growl, we all have fear run through our bodies. Grooming an aggressive cat is not something anyone should take lightly.

This class is for everyone who grooms or wants to learn how to groom aggressive cats in their lap. The footage was filmed grooming house call clients, however, many salon and mobile groomers have found the basic lap grooming skills use when grooming aggressive cats helpful.

Lap Grooming Aggressive Cats covers everything you need to know about lap grooming an aggressive cat. We even cover the issues house call groomers have of grooming these kitties on their turf. From meeting the cat, taking the cat from the owner, lion cut, bath and dry, to presenting the cat to the owner and wrapping up the visit, is all covered!


Lap Grooming an Aggressive cat in your lap and on the floor can sound scary. In reality, it gives you more control, keeps the cat safer, and gives the owner confidence in your ability. This class demonstrates how to handle an aggressive cat when owners are watching you groom. Everything from policies, to meeting the cat, to taking the cat from the owner to the actual grooming process and wrap up is covered. You will view two full lion cuts, plus a bath and dry on aggressive cats. The basic steps on how to perform a lion cut are not taught. This class is specifically focused on lap grooming aggressive cats and was filmed in the house call setting.

Don’t groom on the floor? The basics demonstrated in this class can easily be used on a chair.

Don’t do House Call? The holds and technique remain the same. My approaches or techniques would not change if I was grooming in a salon or mobile unit.

Over 1 hour and 25 minutes of  Aggressive Cat Grooming video, over 32 minutes of grooming non-aggressive cat video plus over 12 minutes of video of Deborah speaking, and written material is included in this class. 


The 1 hour and 25 minutes of aggressive cat grooming videos are unedited. These cats are aggressive with all the vocalizations and behaviors typically found in an aggressive cat. It is recommended to listen to the videos with a headset so as not to upset the animals and people around you. If you are not used to seeing aggressive cats, this video can be upsetting. Deborah and the cats were not injured during these videos. All the cats filmed IMMEDIATELY returned to their normal behavior (included in the class) as soon as the grooming process had concluded.

You are purchasing 365 days of access to this online self-paced class.

Reviews for This Class:

Rated 5 out of 5

Isobel (verified owner)09/08/2019

This class is amazing and I’ve been mobile (house-call) grooming, in the UK, for over a year and I learnt so much from this. It was really useful to see the difference in approach and technique for compliant and non-compliant kitties.

Having recently been bitten through kevlar coated sleeves and rose gloves I know how important protection is and thus I value continued professional development. I appreciated watching a highly professional lone groomer work, specifically, as I rarely work with an assistant. Thank you for sharing this class Deborah.

Rated 5 out of 5

Debra Norton (verified owner)08/23/2019

I just finished this class and I highly recommend “Aggressive Cats in the Housecall Environment” to groomers who are new to cat grooming and to experienced cat groomers alike. The information in this class can easily be applied to ANY grooming setting, whether house call, mobile or salon.

This class contains many tips and reminders for ensuring your safety and the cat’s safety while grooming aggressive cats. You will watch Deborah safely and effectively groom an aggressive cat from start to finish. She also grooms another aggressive cat and a compliant cat to demonstrate the difference. While she is grooming, you see her utilizing some of the holds she includes in “Lap Holds for Feline Grooming” (another class I have taken and recommend).

Deborah talks about how she decides whether or not a cat is too aggressive for her to groom and when to walk away.
As feline groomers, we are at risk for very serious injury and there is no amount of education on safety that is too much. I would encourage anyone to add this class to their “toolbox”.

I have been a feline exclusive groomer with a home-based salon for five years and I found this class both valuable and inspiring.
Happy and safe grooming!

Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG teaches The Dino Groom Class.

Dino Groom (Modified Lion Cut) $60

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Having requests for the Dino Cut? Sometimes referred to as the Stegosaurus or Dragon Cut. This creative cat grooming class will teach you how to set your pattern and enhance your design. In over an hour of grooming footage, Deborah Hansen, CMFG, CFCG will show you how to turn the modified lion cut into the Dino everyone craves! This class averages 2 hours with over an hour of actual grooming footage.


This is an online, self-paced class. After purchase, you will be emailed a link to our classroom within 72 hours. As soon as you receive the link, you are able to begin the class.

Our Classroom can always be accessed through our website off the main menu.

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You are purchasing 365 days of access to this online self-paced class. Certification of completion is available.

Reviews for This Class:

Krista Lindberg (verified owner)
Great Class! Very informative and descriptive! I a CFMG and I do lots and lots of lion cuts! After a little practice on my cat, I will be including this on my grooming menu! I look forward to taking my “Tails” class!!

Karen Carr (verified owner) 

Great class! Thank you Deborah for putting together such an informative class. The creative grooming is not something I do but this may be something I look to add to my services.
I got a LOT of handling tips for the Lion Cut too! so helpful.
Thanks again


Debra Norton (verified owner) 02/04/2019

Hi Deborah

Just dropping a quick line to let you know I just finished the Dino Groom class and I loved it. I think it was very well done. Easy to navigate through and the information is great. I felt that there was ample coverage of everything and you were very methodical and relaxed which made it very easy to take in the information and enjoyable to watch.

The Duke of Purrington is a lovely boy.

I feel I got to know you a little better too 🙂 (The blooper cracked me up!)

I will possibly take some of the other classes down the road. Just thought I’d give you some feedback.

Take care,

Debra Norton

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