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Posted April 23, 2019

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

April 1, 2019

Kitty’s Purrfect Spa strongly believes in educating our clients. Below is in response to an educational email called “Brushing Troubles? Solved!” Click Here to subscribe!

Hey Deborah- 

I just wanted to tell you that you did a fabulous job with your cat-brushing videos! They were super informative and enlightening. 

It was a great idea to do the videos and so helpful to so many people and their kitties. I look forward to seeing you this summer. Hope all is well with you!
Take care, Randi

February 24, 2019

We moved to SCV four years ago and wanted to find the best groomer in the area for our nervous senior kitty, Chip. We called three veterinarians, and each said that Kitty’s Purrfect Spa was tops.  From the first visit, our kitty had a new best friend.  He even comes out to greet Deborah when she arrives.  I cook a lot, and I do not mind that Chip has been bathed in the kitchen sink.  Fur does not fly, and the kitchen island, sink, and floor are absolutely pristine after Kitty’s Purrfect Spa grooms.  Chip is dried in the bathroom.  He comes out looking like he’s just won Best in Show, and there is zero cat fur left behind.  Do give Kitty’s Purrfect Spa a try.  We will not call anyone else. 

Esther Abbe 

February 22, 2019

My husband and I moved to Santa Clarita almost 4 years ago. We have two kitties, one that is a Himalayan. He was beginning to mat, so I knew I needed to get him groomed soon but being in a new city, let alone a new state, I was not sure what my options were. One night I googled, “cat groomers near me,” and clicked on Kitty’s Purrfect Spa. I loved the website and was so shocked that the grooming took place in my own home. This was not common where I was from. Later that evening, I discussed it with my husband who, of course, brought up concerns of having a stranger come into our home and grooming our 12 lb fluffy cat in the kitchen sink, especially when he can be dramatic when it comes to grooming. The reviews were great, the website was very professional and full of information, even videos. After watching a couple of videos, we agreed to give Deborah a shot. We are so glad we did!!! She provided great, easy to do instructions to prepare us for our first appointment. She was so friendly, engaging, patient, and professional. What started out as a nervous cat grooming appointment, turned into an educational and enjoyable experience. She allowed me to sit in the small bathroom with her while she groomed and we just talked. Afterwards, she not only vacuumed up, but wiped down everything with a great disinfectant and left the grooming area just as clean, if not cleaner, than I had prepared it for her. It was such a great experience that we could not wait for her to come back again. Deborah is so professional, kind, and trustworthy that when we decided to go to visit family in Italy for a month, we did not hesitate to see if she would cat sit for us. Deborah was so great! She texted me pictures all the time which really helped assure us that our kitties and home were in great hands. We do not know what we would do without Deborah! She is a blessing!

January 2019

We’ve been using Kitty Purrfect Spa’s for years, after having been referred to them by our veterinarian. We can’t say enough about how professional, gentle and compassionate they are. It’s so incredibly convenient that they come to our home, which really reduces the stress for us and our cat.  They lovingly groom our cat as if he was their own, and they genuinely care about his well being.  And as new parents, cleanliness is a big concern to us. Kitty Purrfect Spa always does a very thorough job of cleaning up after each grooming session. They are meticulous, and the only trace of their visit is a wonderfully groomed cat.  We’re so happy to have found Kitty Purrfect Spa and couldn’t imagine entrusting our cat to anyone else. 

The Marzoli’s 

November 18, 2018

She was an awesome groomer for my Cotton, a very elderly stiff kitty. She was gentle, talked to him with sweet soft voice. Was the best and most comfortable groomer I have ever had, and the only one I had. Although I do not use her anymore one because my Cotton is in his heavenly place and two because I moved out of state. She is definitely worth every penny!


November 18, 2018

When I lived in Santa Clarita you groomed my cat Geoffrey and got rid of the knots from his incredibly thick hair. I am retired and living on a fixed budget but was still happy to pay to have you come to my home where Geoffrey is more comfortable. If I still lived local to you, you would still be grooming my cat. We miss you.

Jennifer A.

November 17, 2018

You have been doing Mercedes almost since first opened doors for business and I have never been unhappy with your work. I pay the extra because you do make it easier on the cat and me. Thank you for superb service all these years.


(Facebook Post regarding why House Call costs more than Salon Grooming)

Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

November 14, 2018

Sad news. Shiomi passed away last Monday.  Just wanted to thank you for all the great service you provided.  She was the cleanest I had ever seen her in her life after you groomed her. Changed her personality to be more outgoing.

Thank you again for everything,


September 3, 2018

Another satisfied customer! Kitty’s Purrfect Spa brewed up some lovin!   

Appreciate everything you do. Jodie was very affectionate with her husband last night…a little grooming never hurts the romance factor for Figaro!

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

March 30, 2018

Deborah worked so kindly with Bella. Bella was back to normal within a few minutes. She looks great! Deborah’s experience in grooming and her kindness reassured me before the grooming. Deborah thoughtfully adjusted the grooming type and duration so Bella wouldn’t get stressed out and perhaps affect her blood sugar level.

Also, I like the emails and reminders.

From 2 happy customers!
Sara and Bella

February 4, 2015


This testimonial is to Deborah Hansen, CFMG owner of Kitty’s Purrfect Spa. If you want your cats, kittens loved and taken care of better than a lot of people take care of their children; this is the groomer for you.  Doctor Tracy, from the Cat Doctor & Friends referred me to Deborah.

I personally have three cats; Sophie who is a Blue Point Himalayan, Caspian who is a Blue Persian and Fiesta who is a tricolor Persian.  All three cats have more cat fur than you can possibly image.  However, Deborah does an outstanding job of pamper my cuties and making them feel safe and clean at the same time. Sophie just lies in her arms like a rag doll and lets her shave her fur. 

Deborah emails me in advance of our appointment, she is very punctual, she cleans up my bathroom before she leaves my home and we reschedule in advance for another spa day for my cats.

I think Deborah is a very knowledgeable, caring groomer.  I would definitely recommend Deborah Hansen to my family and friends to use as their cat groomer.

Joyce E. Valvo

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

September 11, 2014

For our family cat, Roxy, Kitty’s Purrfect Spa was a great find.  No more leaving our little girl at a groomers for hours stuck in her carrier/or cage in a back room mixed with barking dogs, a lot of noisy distractions, and not knowing what is really going on since we are not around.

Kitty’s Purrfect Spa is just like having a good honest mechanic, a great hairstylist, or even a doctor who listens to your concerns.   Having Deborah (Kitty’s Purrfect Spa) and her professionalism all in your own home is such a comforting experience for us, your cat’s well being is her first concern and that was important to us.  She has a special talent and such patience with your cat no matter what mood they may be in.  Deborah knows cats and you trust her to treat your feline to the best grooming experience possible.

Two thumbs up to Kitty’s Purrfect Spa.

Danny & Beverly Kielty

September 3, 2014

I started using Kitty’s Purrfect Spa in March, 2014.  I was referred by a Veterinarian’s office who highly recommended their individualized home service.  I have a 13-year-old very high-strung Siamese cat who is afraid of strangers, and I was very doubtful that anyone could handle him.

From the very first visit, Deborah put my cat at ease with her gentle, loving care and handling.  She was able to bathe and groom him perfectly without stress to my cat, Dallas.  On the second visit, she was able to give him the “Lion Cut” that I had requested, and now she shaves and grooms him every five weeks to keep him looking healthy, clean, and well-groomed!  The fact that she comes to my house, takes such wonderful care of Dallas, and does such a great job is very comforting to me.  In addition, I do not need to clean up the results of grooming him since she leaves my house the way she found it.  I couldn’t be more pleased!

I would highly recommend Kitty’s Purrfect Spa to those who are seeking, professional, personalized, and educational grooming for your cat.  Your cat will love you for it!!!

Peggy Beliveau
A Satisfied Customer

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

August 27, 2014

This is a true story of the healing power of Deborah’s grooming!

My 19 year old domestic long-hair cat, Moe, has lived her life in a constant state of fear since we rescued her from an abusive situation as a kitten. She spent her days mostly hiding under the bed until two years ago when we began to give her Prozac which helped her be a bit less afraid of every noise or movement around her.

With age, Moe’s coat had become slightly matted and I held my breath as I invited Deborah into our home to give our old girl the very first bath and shave of her life. 
Two hours later I witnessed a miracle. 

My 19 year old Moe, emerged from her grooming session with a fresh lion cut and a totally new lease on life… She didn’t run or hide. Moe actually strutted around, proud to show off her new style!

With loving care, patience and professional thoroughness, Deborah transformed my frightened feline into a confident, happy cat. It was as though she had taken off Moe’s coat of fear!

Here’s the amazing part: Moe no longer requires Prozac… just a good grooming from Kitty’s Purrfect Spa every 3 months! It’s an amazing transformation that I can’t fully explain, but am VERY grateful for.

Ginger Simpson

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen
Kitty’s Purrfect Spa is more than excited about Moe’s Progress!  Time and time again, we have witnessed huge personality changes in our feline clients after a groom.  As with all medical conditions, we always recommend seeking veterinarian advice before making any changes in your feline’s medication

August 13, 2014


I write this letter in the greatest of respect, appreciation and admiration for Deborah Hansen, owner and operator of Kitty’s Purrfect Spa. After being referred to her by my vet, The Cat Doctor, I went into a contract to have my two senior cats, 21 and 22 years old (seriously), groomed every two months, or sooner if needed.  At the first grooming Deborah sat down with me and explained how she handled the cats, took a health record of any health issues and concerns, and then proceeded to explain how she would handle my babies, given their senior status.

Needless to say, after my first session with them, they both were so happy and content and got to the point where they looked forward to her visit. At least that is, what I observed and I know my cats/babies better than anyone. Her gentle handling and understanding of their personalities was amazing.

If you happen to be considering putting the stress into someone else’s hands, rather than fighting to have your own cat(s) to bathe, detangle and make them happy to boot, I highly recommend you contact Kitty’s Purrfect Spa at 661. 505.0397.


Rebecca R. Rich


Contact information is on file.  Please email or call for a list of references.

Dear Deborah, 

Just want to thank you for a lovely job on Littles, my daughters and I are very happy with your professionalism and the care you give to kitties. I would like to schedule the bath for Littles when you have an appointment available.

Thank you,


(Email August 6, 2014)

My name is Butchie Bennett and I’m an outdoor long hair cat.  I’m getting on in years so it is getting harder for me to keep myself clean. My hair had gotten quite matted and my owners weren’t able to help me.  They saw an advertisement for Kitty Purrfect Spa and decided to see if they could help. Deborah came to my house and was very friendly and talks to me to make me more comfortable.  She ended up giving me a bath which I didn’t really like but decided to put up with it due to her gentle but experienced handling.  It turned out the matted fur couldn’t be combed out so was given a lion cut.  I looked pretty handsome and all the girls really swooned.  It went along with the deep roar that I give to my family to let them know I want to come back in the house.  I have seen Deborah a number of times now and each time she checks my skin, nails, ears and eyes to see how I’m doing for my advanced age.  She lets my family know of any changes she sees and keeps them educated about cats. The thing that is very nice is that she cleans up after she is done and leaves my home just like it was.  I don’t think I will ever get overly excited about those baths but know when she’s finished grooming me, I will feel purrfectly content and satisfied.  My family really appreciate the clean, new me. 



In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

Hi Deborah, 

​This is JO, Rocky is my cat. You did him yesterday.  I am calling to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for doing such a wonderful job with him!  He is so much better.  I am just thrilled!  It needed to be done for a long time, and you know honestly, I did not think it could be done!  I thought he was just too far gone (pelted), but you did a wonderful job!  You worked SO hard!  I really appreciate it!  Also, by the way, I have two of your business cards, maybe the next time I see you, can I get a few more so I can hand your card out to people.  I know people with cats, and I recommend you VERY HIGHLY!

Well, Thanks again, Bye Bye!

(Dictated from a voice mail August 8, 2014)   

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen
In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

Aug 7, 2014 at 10:05 PM

Hi Deborah,

Just wanted to let you know that Moxie is SO enjoying her lion cut!  She is so cool and

 comfortable! Plus as you said it is helping her furball situation.

Will be in touch as she grows out!


Moxie and Mom

August 18, 2014

Follow up: Her Dad thinks she is cute!  Moxie had her picture posted on FB,and all her human’s friends “liked” it!

Just wanted you to see how nice and cool Moxie is with her lion cut!  Hope you think she looks cute!

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen
In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

My two year old Turkish Van, Fozz won’t let anyone get near him with even the hint of grooming.  He was full of knots that were making him very uncomfortable.  I was skeptical when I called Deborah from Kitty’s Purrfect Spa, I just could not imagine that she could get close enough to work on him.  She was able to come the next day and while working with him, she talked to him constantly to help put him at ease.  She shaved, washed, dried and groomed him and was able to get all those nasty knots out. Deborah has been to my home three times now and it’s getting a lot easier on Fozz, he looks magnificent and does not have any more knots.  It is a pleasure having Deborah care for my cat.  When she leaves my home, there is no fur, or anything at all for me to clean up.  She is a real Pro.

Thanks so much,

Marty & Julian and Fozz

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen
In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

July 2014

I am not sure who was more nervous, me, or my cat Ricky to have his nails trimmed the first time. I can tell you that we were both relieved and thrilled after.  Relieved because being twenty-years-old and joint sore, he had stopped using his scratching post and was beginning to sound like a tap dancer walking around on the wood floor. Thrilled after having nails trimmed?  Well, my twenty-year-old Ricky is, let’s just say, moody.  Moody enough that he has this fur Momma too afraid to attempt to trim his nails.  Well, they got dangerously close to growing into his pads and he was miserable.   

Along came his guardian angel Deborah.  She has trimmed his nails three times and I’d say he is beginning to look forward to seeing his new friend visit.  He can get around without any pain now and is gaining some weight back since he can now come around and beg from my meals.  With Ricky’s age and temperament I fear a grooming  experience outside our home would be too stressful for him. 

Deborah has such a calm, gentle approach and takes her time to find out what is going to work for your cat.  She puts your pet and you at ease.  I am so glad I found her.  Now both Ricky and I are no longer nervous about the state of his nails or a visit from a groomer.  We look forward to our visits from Deborah. 


​Jackie and Ricky

Kitty’s Purrfect Spa,

​I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my Kitty. When I got my Kitty I was cutting the knots out of her because I was afraid that I would hurt her by pulling them out. What a mistake by doing that I made the problem a whole lot worst, I knew I needed to have someone to do the grooming for me but was afraid. I didn’t want to stress her out by taking her somewhere and that’s when I found Kitty’s Spa. I left a message and was called back right away and set up the first appointment  I have to say that I was really nervous. But Deb told me everything she was going to do step by step and she really put me a ease. Deb was so gentle with my Kitty, and after wards we sat and talked, my kitty had really bad knots and some matting because of my cutting her hair, she also had knots on her inner thighs which was very painful when she walked. Deb has educated me on what combs to use in between visits and how to care for her coat, her ears, and nails and etc. Thanks to Deb I’m a happy parent and my Kitty is happy. And the best part is that my Kitty is groomed in her home and not dropped off to a groomer and picked up hours later, it is less stress on me and most of all my Kitty. Deb I can not thank you enough and look forward to more in home grooms to keep my girl beautiful.


October 2013

Marie, Great job grooming Merlin and Shakespeare. Though Shakespeare has been his normal self this afternoon, Merlin is proudly showing off his soft, tangle-free fur, purring, following me around and letting it be known that he is glad to have been expertly groomed.

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

September 2013

Pudge looks so great and he is soooooo happy!!! Thank you!!!


In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen

August 2013

I am happy to share my experience with Deborah from the Kitty’s Spa.I have an 11 year old long hair cat that had not been groomed in a very long time due to the fact that I could not find anyone that could handle her. She has always proven to be “difficult” and I did not want to stress her anymore than I had to. 

Deborah was wonderful! She was very professional and talked me through the whole process before she got started with the grooming. Everything was done in my home as opposed to taking my cat out to a van where I would not be able to witness what was being done. I got to be there for the whole process and even though Ally, my cat did show her “true colors”, Deborah handled her with ease and Ally finally did calm down and seemed to enjoy the process. I would recommend Deborah from Kitty’s Spa to anyone that has cats and likes to have them groomed. I will definitely contact her again. I love my clean and soft Ally!

Thank you, Deborah!


Carrie and Ally 

In Home Cat Grooming by Deborah Hansen