Creative Cat Grooming is Safe

Creative Cat Grooming

Feline Artistic Creations by Deborah

How Safe is Deborah's Creative Cat Grooming?

Ice Cream Cone by Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG, creative cat grooming

Deborah only uses temporary non-toxic dye or semi-permanent paraben-free, ammonia-free, peroxide-free dye. She never uses any product containing essential oils, aloe vera, p-phenylenediamine, bleach or oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide.

Additionally, Deborah never alters a feline’s face. She always leave at least an inch of natural tail at the tip. Tails are left natural at the tip for balance. A little known fact: the face and lower legs contain many whiskers that help felines negotiate their environment. Below the “elbows” or “knees” is never shaved or altered to protect these important whiskers. Most of these whiskers you are probably unaware of.

Another important fact, Deborah never applies any coloring agent within half an inch of a mucus membrane.

The majority of her creative grooms can be washed off in a regular bath, while the remainder can be shaved off at any time. After a quick bath and lion cut, all of Deborah’s Feline Artistic Creations are gone without a trace!

When Deborah preforms a creative groom, it is safer than your trip to the hair salon or your Kitty’s stroll around your bathroom!

Many humans worry about their Kitty being embarrassed. Reality is, your feline will actually seem happier, more affectionate and will want to be around your family more after any type of grooming. When you pet a full coat cat, most people are not massaging the skin, they are only rearranging the coat. After your cat has been shaved, your family can actually pet the skin, which is what felines enjoy most. For those humans who are still concerned, take into consideration that your feline has no problem licking their “privates” or vomiting furballs in front of your house guests. Showcasing a creative design is not going to hinder your feline’s daily activities plus will add a walking piece of art to your home.