Deborah’s Program Information

Deborah's programs were developed by
Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG

to not only retain clients, but to make rebooking easy and natural for feline grooming businesses.

Deborah Hansen is the owner and creator of the entire line of Cat Rebooking Programs and  products. After close to 20 years as an elementary school teacher, she opened a feline exclusive cat grooming business, Kitty’s Purrfect Spa, in June 2013. 

At that time, she knew the key to a successful cat grooming business was a regular client base. From the beginning, over 90% of her clients would reschedule at the time of their current appointment. Five months into the business, she started developing cat grooming paperwork products that would make her stand out from other local cat grooming businesses. 

Deborah knew her cat grooming company needed to look professional and polished to give credibility to regular cat grooming, especially for those clients who were not 100% sure regular cat grooming was for them.

Easy Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs

Each of our professional packages includes everything you will need to get your cat grooming clients to rebook.

Choose Classic Black and White, or Custom (made for your company) Cat Rebooking Programs.  Then place your order for the number of cat grooming clients you plan to serve.

DeborahHansen.Com is your one stop office supply store for all of your feline client needs. We are here to help everyone who grooms cats to be more professional and increase their return client base. Currently, our cat grooming paperwork product line includes itemized cat grooming receiptscat grooming rebooking programswhat to expect after the groom cards and greeting cards. We are here to give your business the professional and polished appearance to raise you above your competition!

More about Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs!

Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG first cat grooming rebooking program, Purrfect Pouncer, was developed to solve multiple problems Deborah was having as a cat grooming business owner.

These problems included:
Not wanting to run a company for annual shave downs
Wanting to educate her clients about their cats
Wanting a regular monthly income


All the Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs meet those goals! Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG created Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs so that there was an affordable option for clients to obtain regular cat grooming services. Deborah’s Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs give clients the option to spread their cat grooming service payments equally over the life of the cat grooming program helping families on a tight budget, fixed income or those who want to simplify payment options.

Hate Annual Shave Downs?

The matted annual shave down owners that call after the first hot Spring or Summer day are looking at a huge bill from Deborah’s Cat Grooming Company. Since Deborah does not own the “annual shave down company,” she packs on the additional fees such as pelt removal, fecal removal, bite surcharge, etc. By spreading out the payments over a period of time, cat grooming becomes more attractive to the clients. Deborah’s Cat Grooming Programs also encourage these clients to begin regular maintenance cat grooming.

Want to educate clients about their cats?

Do you have the heart of an educator? Do you truly want to make the lives of your cat clients better? When you see your cat clients on a regular schedule, and sell your programs as education for cat owners, that is exactly what you get to do. Deborah’s starter programs, Purrfect Pouncer and Catterrific Cat, give you five grooming visits to get to know the cat owners better. At each of the 5 visits, you can educate owners on the topics you are passionate about. How to brush your cat, nail trims, diet and why mats form are Deborah’s favorite topics to use for client education.

Regular, Dependable Income!

A dependable monthly income in the cat grooming business? YES! It is possible! For the last two years, Deborah’s Cat Grooming Programs have enabled many cat groomers in all environments from vet offices, to salon, mobile and house call to have $1000 – $2000 deposited into their bank accounts monthly!

Random Huge Paydays!
A Surprise Benefit!

Some clients prefer to pay cash up front for their Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs, while many others prefer to make monthly payments. Monthly payments or paying up front are easy and convenient with Deborah’s Rebooking Programs!

Don't Have a Formal Cat Grooming Education? We are here for you!

DeborahHansen.Com is THE STATIONARY STORE FOR EVERYONE WHO GROOMS CATS! The key to our cat grooming rebooking programs is it does not matter who taught you, how you learned cat grooming, or your grooming environment (salons, mobile or house calls). Our Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs and Cat Grooming Paperwork Products work for EVERYONE WHO GROOMS CATS!

Want to learn more?
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The KEY PRODUCT is the itemized cat grooming receipt! Today’s Cat Grooming Services is a generic cat grooming receipt that assists the cat groomer in charging for all services provided, reminding the client and groomer to schedule the next appointment, and most importantly, it gives your cat grooming business the professional touch that builds client trust. 

Another important cat grooming paperwork product Deborah sells is After the Groom cards. These cards cut down on the phone calls and emails from worried pet owners about what the cat was or was not doing after a groom. Having the “After the Groom” information in writing reassures the owner that what they are seeing is typical and normal. After the Groom cards build your cat grooming credibility, as they foresee the most common questions pet owners have after a cat grooming appointment. 

We have two cat grooming paperwork packages to help professionally build your business.

Classic Black and White Rebooking Programs

Our generic classic black and white cat grooming rebooking paperwork package is a great place to start.  This is a beginner cat grooming paperwork package that will flow into your personal branding.

This package includes:

  • Itemized cat grooming receipts with cat grooming rebooking programs listed
  • Promotional cards for each cat grooming rebooking program
  • Contracts for each cat grooming rebooking program
  • A worksheet to help you fill out your contracts
  • Access to online videos to help you successfully sell your cat grooming rebooking programs
  • Plus a 20 minute phone call or video chat with Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG to help set up your cat grooming rebooking programs
Custom Rebooking Programs

The Custom Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs are our fully customizable cat grooming paperwork package with your logo, colors, contact information, special services, taxes, travel fees, etc.

Your success is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

Access to an Online Class is included!

When you buy cat grooming rebooking programs, you have access to a self-paced, online class where you will find videos and more information on how to use each cat grooming paperwork product. Also included are pre-written emails for new clients giving them the option of a cat grooming rebooking program at time of booking, plus other helpful rebooking tips.

Your success is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

Still have questions?

How does this work?

My clients begin on a 4 to 8 month program, then move to an annual program. The length of the program varies slightly. Some time frames are more open-ended based on the needs of the cats. Other times, the humans have more frequent grooming preferences. With that in mind, these programs work for most clients most of the time.


Some clients pay the full price of a program up front. Other clients pay a small amount monthly that is charged to a debit or credit card. 

Catterrific Cat

This program was created when I realized clients were calling me because they were frustrated with shedding and allergies. This program also helps clients with cats who suffer from furball issues.

Purrfect Pouncer

Then there are those kitties who are very matted or pelted. This program includes a lion cut with pelt removal plus additional grooming sessions.

Kitten Witten

Some clients are aware that Kitty needs to start grooming at an early age. This is why Kitten Witten was developed. I also offer Kitten Witten to cautious owners, or those whose cats are elderly, very shy or traumatized. 

Purrky’s Purrfect Pouncer

Purrky’s Purrfect Pouncer is for the family that loves a once a year lion cut and always keeps Kitty fresh and clean. 

Spiffy Kitty

After clients complete one of the above initial grooming programs, they switch to Spiffy Kitty. Spiffy Kitty is a regular full coat grooming package. “Add ons” like a lion cut or sani can be added at the time the program goes into effect, or as needed. 

Are programs worth the effort?

Is this path worth the time and set up costs? October 2015 I put my program clients onto the 2016 schedule. By mid-November 2015, I had 48 cats scheduled at 2,4,6 or 8-week intervals for the entire 2016 calendar year, for a total of over 450 full grooms scheduled in 2016.  When a client hands me a check for a full year of grooming, I am never disappointed. Then there are the monthly payment clients. With them I have a guaranteed and predictable source of income on the first of each month. In my situation, yes, programs are not only worth it, but are a sign of the health of my business and guide me in the directions I should move into for the following fiscal year.