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Owner of a successful feline exclusive house call business, Kitty’s Purrfect Spa in California. Creative talent behind Feline Artistic Creations. Founder of “Deborah’s Programs,” a complete rebooking program for cats. Owner and creator of Kitty’s Kopy Kats, a stationary store for cat groomers. Author of multiple articles in Groomer to Groomer and Purrfect Pointers and local publications on the topics of feline grooming, issues that affect felines, and business growth. Teaches, Speaks and Consults on the topics of all things feline, including grooming, environment, behavior, and creative grooming. Additionally, she teaches business and online presence for groomers. Spoke in 2019 at Groom Expo West and Pet Daycare and Boarding Expo West.

Cat Groomer, Teacher, Writer, Deborah Hansen, CFMG< CFCG

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