Cat Grooming Quiz, After the Groom Cards

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After the Groom Cards by Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG
After the Groom Cards by Deborah Hansen, CFMG, CFCG

After the Groom Cards are an easy piece of cat grooming paperwork to add to your cat grooming business! Deborah Hansen developed these cards after many hours of repeatedly answering the same questions from clients. Deborah claims they are one of her best contributions to the cat grooming industry!

After the Groom Cards simply answer all the concerned client question they ask after the cat grooming process. 

We ship EVERYWHERE! If your country does not come up in check out, please email us! These cards are currently in use in Canada, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand!

After the Groom Cards include answers to:

Behavioral Changes

Excessive Licking

Skin Discoloration

Growing Out

Shedding More Immediately Following a Groom

Walking Funny After a Groom

On the bottom of both sides, there are places to add your business information. A return address sticker fits perfectly in the empty white space!

Clients love having this cat grooming information in written form! They do refer to this paperwork after the cat grooming appointment. Most clients are very appreciative to be handed this thick, high gloss card when the groom is completed. After the Groom Cards only need to be given to new clients. They go a long way to build rapport with foster the relationship between the client and groomer, in turn making new clients life long clients!

This offer is for our classy black and white designed cards. They are ready for immediate use upon arrival.

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After the Groom Cards, SAVE TIME AND MONEY!

  • No more hours on the phone with concerned cat owners explain over and over why the cat won’t come out from under the bed.
  • No more explaining why the cat won’t stop demanding attention.
  • No more explaining why when the cat walked out of the carrier and a cloud of hair followed them.
  • No more explain WHY the cat is walking funny!
  • No more emergency vet visits from concern cat owners that could had been solved with client education!
  • Build Client Trust!
  • After The Groom Cards not only make you look like an authority in the field of cat grooming, they also establish your professional relationship with your clients!

What are other Cat Groomers Saying?

Read what these groomers have said about After The Groom Cards

Kathy Hysen recently posted: “Deborah Hansen, I’ve been handing out your fabulous “After the Groom” card to new clients. They love them! I do too, since I don’t need to talk for 1/2 hour longer than the groom! Thank you! They are well written and very classy looking!”

Read what these groomers have said about After The Groom Cards, when included in our Cat Grooming Rebooking Programs:

Danelle German said it herself, “Deborah’s programs really are brilliant and simple to follow. This is stuff I wish I’d had access to back in the day.”

Anjeli Sonstegard, Mobile Groomer, “As a small business owner, I am so glad someone took the initiative to put what they learned into a format we can all benefit from. Thank you Deborah Hansen for putting so much thought and effort into creating these programs so we can all grow. Love it! The quality is unbelievable.”

“I love your program! Great job and well done!” Alicia Ellis, who grooms in a Veterinarian Office.

“This program would work for any salon. Plus, you get support from the company owner to help make it even more successful in the salon. I only wish I’d thought of it sooner. Clients feel like they are ” in a club” or getting discounts. They love that! Plus, the pet is being regularly groomed so you, the groomer, have less work! No once a year people you have to work into the schedule. They are pre set up for grooming and can just drop off and go. No price haggling because they are set up in our special grooming programs.” Melissa Hall, Owner of A Touch of Class, a grooming salo

Limited Time Offer!

Purchase 15 After The Groom Cards For $19.99

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